United Left Alliance

Building a Real Political Alternative

Our political alternative to the cutback policies of this government coupled with a sustained mass movement of people power on the streets and strike action together can drive this government out of office before a time of their choosing and defeat this budget in the process. – Richard Boyd-Barrett
I will be taking on this government along with my fellow United Left Alliance TDs on the issues I repeatedly came across on the doorsteps, housing, jobs, the hated Universal Social Charge, cuts in welfare payments and in essential services. We face a tough battle on all these issues. That is why I would like you to come to our series of public meetings, to check out what we are about and maybe become involved to defend our communities. –Joan Collins TD
The United Left Alliance, if it meets its full potential, represents a new beginning in political representation for working people and the unemployed who have been long abandoned by Labour. It, rather than a bedraggled demoralised Fianna Fáil will represent the real opposition in the next Dáil. It can become in the context of Labour betraying its voters in the next Dáil the mass party of working people envisaged by James Connolly when he called for such a party to be created almost 100 years ago. – Joe Higgins TD (more audio of launch of ULA Gresham Hotel Dublin 8pm 29/11/2010)


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