What We Stand For

As a radical new group People Before Profit Alliance in the Mid Ulster area aims to bring about progressive change through community and trade union campaigns. By engaging the dis-empowered in struggles from lobbying through to elections we intend to move beyond tribalism towards grass roots politics in futherance of economic equality and justice for all. We stand firmly against neoliberal capitalism which is destroying our planet and threatens the lives of present and future generations.

People before Profit Alliance Candidates in Assembly Election 2011 stand for:

A radical alternative to the cut-back and carve-up politics at Stormont.

Drastic action against big companies which dodge billions in taxes – creating the deficit that the dominant parties want to bridge with spending cuts.

A decent basic income for all – not benefit “reforms” designed to drive workers into no-hope jobs or face destitution.

Repeal of the Thatcherite anti-union laws now devolved to Stormont.

All utilities brought back in the public sector and run in an accountable way.

Integrated education and an end of selection – equality for all irrespective of age, background, learning difficulties etc.

MLAs’ pay reduced to the average NI wage.

Defence of civil liberties against repressive measures such as last year’s DUP/Sinn Fein Assemblies Bill.

Equality for migrant workers and Travellers and all in the LGBT community and for women’s liberation.

votes at 16.

No involvement in wars abroad or para-militarism at home.

We stand for all in the bottom half of society, no matter what community they come from. We will register at Stormont not as Unionists or Nationalists but as “Others”. (read less)

What we stand for island-wide

Free, Quality, Healthcare for All! No to privatisation or a two-tier health system. Reverse the bed closures and cut backs in local hospitals. For a comprehensive national health service which treats people according to medical need and not money.

A fair taxation system to fund public services based on ability to pay, not bin taxes and stealth taxes that hurt the less well off.

An emergency government programme to provide social and affordable housing to all that need it.

Decent Public Transport with cheaper fares, extra buses and major investment in an integrated public transport system to reduce congestion and pollution.

Full union rights and equal conditions for all workers and an end to outsourcing and exploitation of immigrant workers.

Real Local Democracy through proper funding for local government and genuine public participation, transparency and accountability in planning and development issues.

Protect our Environment through major investment in sustainable energy, public transport and public recycling infrastructure to deal with global warming and pollution.



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