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Mid-Ulster People Before Profit Election Roadshow gets the message out

The People Before Profit Election Road show is highlighting the extent of these cuts to the entire Mid-Ulster constituency. We aim to make people aware that a vote for any of the five main parties will be a vote for cuts and not against them. These cuts must be opposed before and after the election. We ask people to send a clear message to the pro-cuts Unionist and Nationalist parties, that the cuts will be resisted at the ballot box and on the streets of Northern Ireland. Post-election,People Before Profit urge people to get involved in anti-cuts campaigns and help build the socialist alternative which makes the rich pay for the mess they have created.

Harry Hutchinson with one of the hardhitting billboards used in the Election Roadshow

Our canvassing from door to door has shown that many people are unaware of the £4billion of cuts to our public services and social welfare which will be introduced by the incoming Stormont Executive. These cuts are are going to be the deepest since formation of the Welfare State. Already the most vulnerable in society are witnessing cuts to housing benefit and other payments. We wish to emphasise that these cuts have already begun to be implemented. There is no hope in the current economic climate of creating alternative employment, yet the Stormont Executive ruthlessly throw people onto the unemployment scrap heap.



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